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An offshore Center or an offshore financial center is the name given to an offshore jurisdiction or tax haven which legislation in place to offer offshore services such as offshore banking, the incorporation of offshore services, the formation of offshore trusts, the formation of offshore foundation, the incorporation of offshore partnerships and offshore limited liability companies among other services. Popular offshore centers are Anguilla, Dominica, British Virgin Islands, Belize Panama, Antigua, Singapore, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Nevis, St Kitts, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cyprus and Costa Rica among many others.

Offshore centers such as Dominic and St. Kitts and Nevis offer second citizenship programs by which non nationals can apply for second citizenship. Dominica has the Economic Citizenship route and a Citizenship-by-investment route while St. Kitts and Nevis has a Sugar Investment Diversification Fund route and a Citizenship by Investment route as well. These second passport programs provide channels for investing and qualifying to apply for citizenship. For information on dual citizenship and other offshore financial services like how to register an IBC send an email via the contact page, as well as for details on offshore bank accounts.

Offshore centers are characterized as countries or territories which are able to provide the following for clients which include business corporations as well as individuals; asset protection, tax exemption, privacy and secrecy as well as the offshore services which have been mentioned above. Offshore centers make tax exemptions available to offshore companies, offshore foundations, offshore trusts and even offshore bank accounts. The general rule in the offshore tax havens is that income which is not sourced within the jurisdiction is not taxed. It is important to note that there are a few offshore financial centers which tax its offshore companies but this is done at an extremely low tax rate. The use of an offshore center is a great way to reduce tax liabilities.

An offshore center may also be referred to as an offshore banking center as many offshore havens are known for their offshore banking systems. Offshore banking is one of the most popular services offered in offshore financial centers. Offshore banks in the offshore centers offshore great banking services including credit and debit cards, internet banking, telephone banking, multi currency accounts, wire transfers and other excellent banking services.

The offshore centers are known to provide privacy and secrecy for clients. For example, when incorporatinsg an international business company or offshore company the names of the shareholders and directors do not appear on a public registry in the some offshore tax haven. There are tax havens which make the names of directors and shareholders part of public registry but privacy can still be attained by simply using a nominee shareholder and director. Information in offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts, offshore foundations and offshore business companies are also protected by privacy laws in the offshore jurisdiction. Persons who are directly related to or working with any of the above mentioned offshore services are not allowed to give out any information concerning these offshore entities without the consent of the owner. Persons who have broken this law will be fined with prison terms and pay a monetary fine as well. The fines differ in the offshore centers.

All assets placed in offshore entities are protected by asset protection laws in offshore legislation in offshore financial centers. Assets in offshore entities are safe from third parties and foreign court rulings. An offshore center engages in providing services to non residents of offshore tax havens all of which are legitimate services. the offshore financial centers have good reputations for providing excellent entities which can be used for many purposes.

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