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Offshore Formation Centers

Offshore company formation centers refer to those offshore tax havens which have legislation in place for the formation or incorporation of offshore companies. Over the years offshore companies have become very important and popular and so the number of offshore centers offering offshore company formation has increased significantly. Offshore company formation centers include Dominica, Cyprus, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, St Kitts and Nevis, Panama, Singapore, Hong Kong, Anguilla and many other countries and territories in the world. Other excellent services which are offered in offshore centers are offshore banking, the formation of offshore trusts and foundations and the incorporation of offshore partnership companies.

To learn more about offshore financial centers and tax free corporations please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can receive sound advice on second citizenship programs in various tax shelters that are peaceful, socially and politically stable. Tax incentives in these second citizenship countries include zero capital gains tax and no death or inheritance tax. In particular, Dominica economic citizenship, Dominica citizenship passport and St. Kitts real estate and sugar investment diversification fund provide channels for investing and qualifying to apply for citizenship.

To incorporate an offshore company in any offshore financial center there is no need for the client to visit the offshore tax haven of choice. There are registered agents or offshore service providers in the tax haven who incorporate offshore companies on behalf of clients. In many offshore jurisdictions offshore companies can only be registered by the registered agents. These persons are responsible for communicating all registration documents to the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax havens.

In offshore company formation centers the incorporation of offshore companies is done in the most efficient manner and it is for this reason that the offshore centers have gained an excellent reputation in terms of the quality of services offered. Offshore company formation can take place in one working day in some offshore tax havens. The process can take up to two (2) weeks in some jurisdiction. Offshore company formation is very affordable in the offshore centers. A registration fee must be paid in order for an offshore company to be incorporated.

In offshore company formation centers in order for company formation to take place important company documents must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies or the authority which is responsible for offshore company registration. A Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are submitted for revision in the offshore company formation center. The information which is filed is s follows:

-The name of the company

-The name and address of the registered agent

-The company’s authorized share capital

-The currency in which share capital is being issued

-The number and types of shares to be issued

-The powers, rights, voting rights and limitations of each class of share issued

-The purposes for which the offshore company is being formed

-State if the members of the company are limited by guarantee or shares

-The names and addresses of company shareholders

-The names and addresses of company director

-If a company secretary is appointed the name and address of that person

-The by-laws of the offshore company

It is important to note that offshore companies are exempted from local taxes in the offshore formation center of choice. The Registrar of companies will issue the offshore company with a Certificate of Incorporation. The offshore company formation centers have many other benefits for offshore companies which includes asset protection and privacy laws.

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